wtorek, 13 grudnia 2011

Christmas preparations

In a week from now, I'm going to Poland to spend the whole week at home with my family in a festive atmosphere. At least I hope so. Realizing about running out the time, I went yesterday to the city center looking for the christmas gifts. I was standing for a half an hour staring at the shelfs with toys and trying to figure out what should I get for my little two devils Olga and Natalia. I have no clue. What do these little urchins may expect her aunt to bring them? I came back home with nothing hoping I'm gonna get some kind of revelation about this issue soon.

On the way back home to get in a bit better mood I started watching carefully our neighbourhood. There's more fairy lights, christmas trees and ornaments with everyday. My favorites are of course the confectioneries, which windows looks like cute toys factory and Santa's hut. Even in an indonesian cafeteria I found quite a big model of a christmas town. Someone may call it commerce, selling the Christmas, but for me it's a very joyful view. And to all these Grinches I recommend to stop by one of the many trailers standing all over the city and offering oliebollen. It's something like a donut but way way heavier and thicker. Made of yeast dough with raisins or pieces of apple, fried in a deep oil and covered with powder sugar. Massive caloric bomb, but soooo good :) And you need to hurry. These waffles trailers are gonna be there only till New Years Eve! 

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