czwartek, 22 grudnia 2011

Step by step, the Christmas is coming

The preparation for Christmas in progress. Actually it's already the part where we're focusing on waiting. The gifts are packed and hidden somewhere in the closets, fairy lights are twinkling in front of the house, ornaments are hanging all over the house, cakes are baked, cookies for the christmas tree are decorated with the frosting. The carp is murdered.

christmas tree cookies  made by me
white fluffy snow
Everything start looking more cosy. Snow is softly spraying snowing behind the window and covers the whole landscape of my "end of the world" with a fluffy white blanket. All over the house spreads the smell of cinnamon. The huge mistletoe is hanging above the hall. We bought it today with my dad at a market. The dumplings and tortellini are patiently waiting in the freezer. Even a tomato accidentally growing at the window is getting red, just like he's preparing for Christmas. The only missing are Christmas tree in a living room and Maurice. Luckly he's coming already tomorrow! I missed my cute Mausje and his squeaking these last few day.

I must admit I got used to this situation quite fast. After all it's my family home, the most cosy place in the world! And the evening Skype conversations reminded me of the times from before I moved to Holland. My mom actually said the same thing. Well... I feel very relaxed here. And I really hope that Maurice is gonna feel the same during this weekend.

Now I want to wish you all a merry Christmas. A lot of peace and love not only on these few day, but during the whole year, inspiration, motivation and taking the joy with whatever you're doing. The last words I leave to our favorite Katie and her comforting voice, which in this song work as a balm to my soul. I'm waiting for tomorrow, so I can follor her words with "...from now on, our troubles will be miles away..."

Have Yourself a Merry little Christams everyone

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