piątek, 9 grudnia 2011

Orange hopes for Euro 2012

I was planning to write this post for already a week and I was just postponing it all the time, cause there was always something more important to do. Besides nobody who knows me would be surprised, because football simply didn't mean a lot for me. I can not say the same about Maurice, who for the last few weeks was living in some weird excitation and waiting with the hope till the last friday. That was a day of a great disappointment: draw for the Euro 2012.

The disappointment was mostly about the city, where the dutch football team is going to play. Against the hopes of Dutch for the game in one of polish cities, they got their biggest anxiety: located far away in the east of Ukraine Kharkov. Does it mean that dutch football fans are not gonna come to Poland? Nothing like! My friends are still planning their summer holiday in Krakow. Someone may ask: why Krakow? It's not even on a list of the cities where matches are about to be played. The solution is very simple, Oranje  have choosen this city for their base. More precisely, they are gonna stay in the Sheraton hotel just in front of the Wawel Castle and are going to practice at the Wisla Krakow stadion. According to the statistics most of the fans is gonna follow their football team, at least to see them training and to spend some time in a lovely, full of entertainment Krakow, which is clearly closer than "ruthless" Kharkov.

It is worth to mention that the Dutch were really hoping for Gdansk. In media and especially in a radio (and following after that by Maurice) everyone was dwelling on the beauty of the city and its architecture. "Gdansk looks just like a dutch city!" - I heard over and over watching the pictures. Of course it does! It was part of the Hanseatic League! All hanseatic cities are known for the brick gothic, because in the times of Hansa's prosperity they could afford big construction investments. The same period of development means a similar architectonic style. But I really have to agree with the whole delight: Gdansk is beautiful indeed. 

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