środa, 7 grudnia 2011

E-tourism field

Last workshops orginized by Undutchables, as International Meeting Day, which I mentioned before, resulted with a whole new inspiration. Instead of looking for any job where my knowledge of Polish language would be the main criteria and keep searching for new adverisements online, I decided to change my tactic. I'm gonna start with companies I'm interested in, not the vacancies. I analized very carefuly my working background, interests and inspirations to define my brand. A brand I would like to work in and that would suit my motto "Share your enthusiasm and help other people to be happy". So I found: companies offering online reservations!

 When I already had my goal, I started looking for agencies that would have their offices in Holland. I have to say, I was very happy to discover that when it comes to this brand, I'm already in the right country. The biggest and best known worldwide platform for hotels online booking is, attention attention, Dutch and based in Amsterdam! Another firm, this time offering sale of rail passes for tourists also comes from the country of windmills and has its headquarter in Utrecht. Of course these are just examples... there is more of this kind of companies. Where did the Dutch get so ingenious? ;)

So what am i doing now? I'm heading to the source, checking their websites and if they don't have any vacancies that would match my CV, I just write an open motivation letter for them. I just started last week, so cross your fingers! Maybe soon I'm gonna get something. Hope dies last.

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