niedziela, 27 listopada 2011

International Meeting Day

When you're looking for a job it's always good to go one step forward and a perfect occasion for that is deffinitely an annual meeting organized by Undutchables, a recuitment agency specialized in finding employment for internatiolan personnel in the Netherlands. So we got up early morning this Saturday and went to Den Bosch to check the meeting.

While Maurice was mainly interested in main workshop and networking (for me and by me) I was very excited about the whole plan of the workshops, meeting an international environment of expats like me looking for job and an opportunity of ice-skating. I was intrigued by the motto of the meeting day "What are you good at?". I was really hoping that they are gonna help me to figure out this persecute issue. I must admit, the discussion was fun and interesting and what is even more impotrant, very inspiring same for me as for the other participants. Thanks to a game where we were supposed to describe a moment in our life, that we are most proud of and evaluating of that story by rest of the group, we could hear what does it say about us and find our personal brand.

These few hours of lecture, discussion, networking and just simply having fun ice-skating filled me with very possitive energy and ideas I plan to include in my life during next week. This is exactly what I needed after few weeks of job seeking and not getting the right results. I would actually love to write myself in for the next year International Day Meeting by Undutchables right now! 

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