środa, 2 listopada 2011

Single track wheelers. Second try

After few tries and tests, I guess we can say that I mastered the art of cycling on Dutch roads. I'd say more, I mastered the art of cycling with an extra ballast in the form of Maurice on the back of the bike. In this place I have to mention, that my ballast was wriggling all the time, looking around and commenting the surrounding.

First try was very poor and looked more like a fight with death, but we survived. One evening during the weekend, after a lovely dinner in our favorite place, being in great moods we decided to do an experiment: can Justine transfer Maurice back home on their bicycle? Staying in a vertical position needed around ten tries and about 500 meters of the starting lane, but it did work out! Very staggered I pedaled back home. With a great focus and panic everytime something was passing us by ("I'm gonna loose the balance and we're gonna crash straight at that car and we're gonna die!!") we made it! More trainings that weekend gave us quite a good result. Keeping the balance in reasonable norm, ignoring Maurice's movement on a back saddle under control, lack of troubles with start. That's more complicated than driving a car for a beginner. 

The goal is reached! Not counting few small incidents like almost running by some woman with a child when I was trying to park my bike in the city center and we've lost the balance. We burst out laughing and the woman measured us with a cold look, probably thinking that we were already stoned though it was just a midday. Well, we weren't (I don't smoke anything at all). And nobody was hurt (I did stop in time) so the story ends up well :)

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