piątek, 18 listopada 2011

The henhouse issue

In the beginning of the week we (or rather Maurice) signed a contract for our cute little henhouse, where we're planning to move in this spring. Our own little place on the top floor with a balcony and full of sunlight :)

It's still under construction, so we have time for some presonalization of the interior, like choosing the tiles in the bathroom, color of cupboards and counters in the kitchen. And figuring out where the hell are we supposed to put the frigde?! Apparently the designer had a great imagination with a lack of budget so in the kitchenette he left space for only one facility: oven or fridge. No matter how hard you try, you're not gonna fit them both in that space. And that was my goal for today: to solve the mistery of "what shall we do with the fridge?".

As a perfect house wife I'm the one to decide about the look of the kitchen, so a bit earlier this afternoon I went for the meeting in a furniture store that is cooperating with our developer. Of course if you want to choose the tiles for your toilet in Holland, you need to make an appointment first! What else were you thinking. The girl I was meeting with didn't speak very well English, but we managed to communicate (trying to include my broken Dutch into the conversation). Would be weird if I didn't change my idea of colors in the kitchen, wondering what the hell was I thinking in the first place. It's gonna be light and cozy. And the fridge?... It turned out just as we hoped, that we can replace one of the cupboards with the small fridge and place it under the counter. Et voila! 

Here's where we're gonna live ;)

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