piątek, 4 listopada 2011

Finding the labour market

Since I moved to the land flat as a pancake (where pancakes are quite popular by the way) there's been already a month. What have I done during this time? Hmm....

I did manage to finish some of the crucial things necesary for my existance like learn how to cycle in the city, write myself in at the City Hall and get my own banking card. It's not funny... the right card is a deathly important thing. Without it you almost don't exist. I did mention about that in one of my previous posts. I don't feel anymore like an outcast of society or the only person who pays with cash in AH. But the most important issues are still waiting: learning the language and job.

Exactly... a job. I search for new advertisements on Internet everyday and keep sending my resume. The language is most of the time the biggest barrier (or an excuse). That's ok... I know that soon I'm gonna find something. My intuition is telling me that (I hope she's not lying, sneaky bitch). The interesting thing is that from all the applications I have sent, even if it was just a lame meaningless position, I always got an answer. Negative answer, but still an answer. Someone did pay at least a bit of attention to check my letter and send me back his/her decision. Maybe it's just my sad experience, but in Poland the majority of potential employers if they didn't want to invite me for an interview, they didn't even inform me about their decision. So I was always waiting and waiting. 

Yesterday the hope knocked to my door. I got a phone call from one of the hotels, but unfortunately my speaker did not speak English and I was not speaking Dutch. So what did I do? Run for help to Zeena! Thank God she was home, so she could translate for me. Now I just have to wait for their decision if they are gonna give me a chance despite of some communication problems. Cross you fingers! I need an income, so I won't have to keep hiding from Mauice all the sweeties I bought when he was away ;)

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