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Drunk pilot

When I was a child I loved board games and I often played with my family and friends. Even today I won't refuse to play one of my favorites like: "Monopoly", "Scary Castel" (or whatever the English name of that game would be) etc. Sometimes however, some of the games are more popular among adults, though they were made in a first plays for childeren. One of these games would be a popular in the Netherlands "Stef Stuntpiloot". 

The game was first released in 1992. It's super easy but also funny. A little plane with a pilot named Stef is making circles trying to knock the chickens from a hurdle. Each player can try to protect his three chickens by sending Stef higher in the "sky" with a little seesaw and preferably hitting a chicken of a neighbor ;) 

The game was resumed in 2006 and only three years later withdrawn from sale. Why? It was so simple and fun, that Dutch students started using Stef in mass as a... drinking game! Everytime when Stef knocked the last chicken, the owner had to drink a shot of strong alcohol or a glass of beer. A game that spreads drunkenness?...

I gotta admit, I met Stef for the first time at a party. I was a terrible player, so I had to quite the game after few rounds... I prefered not to risc a heavy hangover next day. Neverthless I stayed watching the game and I mastered it really fast. Now at the parties I'm kicking other guy's asses and I'm the only player who's  not suffering the next day :D

I'm not the only one who gets competitive playing this game. In 2008 in Groningen was the first Dutch Student Championship in "Stef Stuntpiloot" played. After that, the Championships were placed every year in a different city. Ironicly, last year the game was officially banned in Groningen. Is it time to send Stef for a rehab? ;) 

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