poniedziałek, 29 kwietnia 2013

Spring in Nijmegen

Spring in Nijmegen. I'm walking with my camera around the city for already two weeks. Later at home I changed these photos a bit. Neverthless here are the results of my strolls:

More pics of course on Facebook. Feel free to check that out :) 

What's going on except getting green? Well, it's getting orange. Every shop has decorated its windows with orange ornaments. Orange and national flags are hanging from buildings. All the media are focusing on royal family. Tomorrow we're celebrating Queen Day and greeting new king on the thron. It's gonna be the last Koninginnedag... at least for coming years. Since the next year we're gonna have Koningsdag. The date is not gonna change much, since the future king has his birthday only 3 days before his grandmother Juliana had.

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