czwartek, 11 kwietnia 2013

Who wants a penny?

We're standing by a counter in a supermarket. A cashier is scanning our groceries. 10,02 euro. I'm handing a bill to the girl and immidiately start looking for these 2 cents in my wallet. Here it is! I'm happily taking the coin out of my wallet and giving it to the cashier. The girl and Maurice are looking at my surprised like I was some kind of weirdo. What's going on? Why does nobody take these 2 cents from my hand? I'm staring at them and at the coin. These damn 2 cents are still sneeringly laying on my open hand.
- It's fine... not needed - finally answers the cashier. 
Snoepje, here nobody pays these small endings - explains Maurice
-Whaaaaa? - I don't get it... How can it be? So the cashier is not gonna look at me expectandly while I'm searching for pennies in my waller, nor I'm not gonna hear ever in Holland "I'll owe you a cent"?? Really?

I'm checking a bill. It's really rounded down to 10 euro (and below in bracket the real price). I'm checking my pockets to find some other bills. Everywhere the total amouth is rounded up or down to 5 cents. So why the hell am I carrying all this scrap-metal in my wallet if nobody wants it??

This happened already some time ago, soon after I moved to the Netherlands. Few days ago reading a bill on a boring way home from a supermarket reminded me of it. Though it's been a year since I made my "discovery" I thought I'll share it with you guys. There's only one question on which I still didn't get an answer:
If the little cents are basicly not used anymore, why are they still producing them? ;)

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