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How do Dutch people eat strawberries?

Strawberry season has started :) Of course the strawberries are from greenhouses and they don't teste so delicious as the ones that get red from the june sun, however they are quite sweet and they taste like strawberries. The april strawberrie ;) I got tempted by a little basket of these red fruits. The questions is... how to eat them?

We could of course eat the just like that, without any changes and additions or with whipped cream, the way they are the best, but Maurice acted like a real Dutchman and deciaded, that we're gonna eat them with... bread!
- What do you mean with bread? - I did'n get the idea.
- You know... sliced on bread with butter and sprinkled with cane sugar - he answered like it was the most obvious combination in the world.
- It sounds a bit weird... you wanna have a sandwich with strawberries? - I still could't believe.

Beschuitje with strawberries
At the end we agreed on beschuitjes in place of bread. To be honest it doesn't really change much, since beschuitje though sounds like a biscuit is actually a rusk (tho quite delicate and crunchy, it's still just a dry bread). Another proof how important for the Dutch are sandwiches and that they can put almost everything on bread.

- Quite good - I admited honestly after I tried this culinary experiment.
- Told you! - Maus was clearly happy that once again he was right.
- And guess how we like to eat strawberries in Poland? With pasta - I got carried away just thinking about delicious taste of my childhood.
- With pasta? Yuck... you Polish people come with very weird ideas! - said Maurice while crunching his rusk with strawberries... Never try to understand the Dutch ;) 

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  1. hahaha! yes strawberry on toast ! I still cannot get use to that. it just seems wrong! :D

    1. haha, indeed, you described it perfectly ;) it just seems wrong


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