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The last day of school

A year ago in April I started the learning the dutch language for serious. A year after I finished my studies I was about to go back to school like as a freshman. Learning the basics of the language, how to pronouce some letters, listening to funny, childish songs and doing a lot of homework. It was an amazing period. I learned a lot not only about dutch language, but also about the culture and tradtions of the citizens of the Netherlands and many countries where other students were from. I met so many nice and interesting people. With some of them I got good friends. My life here in the Netherlands would not be the same anymore without their presence.

The wasteful wives club ;)
However everything has its end and so did the language course. Our last lesson was fun and so relaxed. Instead of doing another grammar exercises, writing mini-essays or analizing our common mistakes, our amazing teacher prepared for us... a cookie quiz! 

We were divided into three groups. Each group got a set of typically dutch cookies and candies and we had to connect the sweets with right names and descriptions. Of course sometimes it required some proof testing! Gotta say I didn't have any problems with this ;) Maurice was later joking that a glutton like me should be a separate one-person group. 

The next task was to advertise the cookies by every group. And that's when the real fun started. To win the contest we were coming up with sometimes ridiculous and hillarious ideas and arguments. Everyone was laughing and joking. It did not look like a lesson at all. Rather like a meeting of good friends. 

Our group with two great teachers in front and our only guy ;) 
 Now there're only exams left and than... keep intergrating with this tiny, funny country and its citizens :)

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