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Cookie Quiz

Inspired by the cookie quiz, which our teacher prepared for us on our last lesson, I decided to have some little game for you too! If I remember well (and I definitely do, cause I checked the archives), there wasn't any contest or quiz on our Neverlandy blog till now. Well it's time to catch up and check how much do you actually know about Dutch sweets :) 

Some of the answers you can find on my blog. If you feel like taking part in our quiz please leave your answers in a comment (I changed the settings temporary, so these comments are gonna be published when the quiz is finished) or on my e-mail: You have time till 22nd April. Than I'm gonna drawn 3 winners. The price in this little contest is a packeage with personly selected by myself typicly Dutch sweets.


1. Bossche Bollen are specialities of a Dutch city. Which city is it and in which province does it lay?

2. What's the name of a kind of "donut" that is traditionally eaten on New Years?

3. Dropjes are I guess the most popular and best known dutch candies. The have black color and very strong, characteristic taste. What taste is it?

4. I can never say no to stroopwafels. They are a kind of thin, sweet wafers with a thick, sweet substance in between. What is it, that glues these wafers together?

5. When Sinterklaas is coming to the Netherlands, his helpers Zwarte Pieten are treating children with small, round cookies. How do you call them?

6. Speculaas has its specific taste thanks to the mix of certain spices. Name at least three of these spices.

7. When I child is born in a dutch family, the visitors are treated with beschuit met muisjes, a kind of biscuit with an anisic candy sprinkles. What color are those muisjes?

8. Every single cafe in the Netherlands is serving a typical dutch pie. What pie is it?

9. Gevulde koek means "filled cookie". What's the main ingridient of this secret filling?

10. What's the name of the cake on the picture below?

Good luck and hope you´re gonna have fun with discovering all dutch goodies! :)

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  1. Hihi, I would like to participate, but I guess that would be unfair since I told you most of these things... :) Fun initiative though! xx


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