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A new serie with a polish accent

Snoepje, come over here! - Maurice is calling from the living room.
- I'm studing! What's happening? - I'm answering from behind my desk.
- It's something for you! You gotta see it! - he runs to me all excited - They made a new TV serie, I just saw a trailer. You're definitely gonna like it, it seems a bit like your favorite amarican serie, the one about the fat lawyer! The main character here is very girly, talks a bit rude and... she's half Polish!
-"Ohh... we're gonna have to check this out!" - I thought.

I quickly googled the title. "Danni Lowinski". Aha, it does look funny indeed. People living in Germany and Belgium may already know this story. The serie was originally produced in Germany and later Belgians made their version of it. Now it's time for a Dutch one :)

Danni is a 30-year-old half Polish woman living with her disabled father. She's a hairdresser who just finnished a law school and is looking for a job in a law firm. Unfortunatelly nobody's taking her serious. Well... it's not very surprising. Danni looks and acts nothing like serious. She's very cheerful, a bit chaotic, wearing very short and colorful skirts. She's also very determinated, so she doesn't give up. She opens her own "office" in... a mall, where she charges her customers 1 euro per minute. 
To be honeste I can't wait the pilot episode! I'm very easly hooked on any funny, girly and naive serie, so I hope I'm not gonna be disappointed. The polish "accent" (though not literally, since the actress playing Danni is Dutch, so she rather speaks polish with funny, kind a cute accent) makes me a bit intrigued. I only hope, that my knowledge of Dutch is gonna be already enough to follow and understand fast speaking, chaotic Danni :) 

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