piątek, 29 marca 2013

Holy Molly... a story about searching for a basket

We're spending Easter this year in the Netherlands, because of my exams. I may not be very religious, but some of my traditions I'm not planning to give up. Maurice as a cultural barbarian is not going to suppot me in my actions, but as long as I promise not to drag him with my to church, he's also not gonna try to discourage me. As long as he can stay relatively passive, he's fine with it ;)

The house is clean, whether I planned it or not. I'm not a big fun of polish tradition of huge pre-Easter cleaning including polishing bathroom tiles one after another or washing windows with outdoor temperature close to 0 Celsius degrees. However after two weeks of studying and not paying much attention to the cleanlinness in our hen-house, the space was asking for detergents and hoover. Poor naive woman.. you were really hoping that your man would do something about it himself? Keep dreaming. 

I decided to have a piece of my traditions in here, so I invited my father-in-law and sister-in-law for a traditional polish Easter breakfast. Than suddenly a crazy thought came through my mind. How about... bless the food? It's a big part of Polish traditions, that on Saturday we take our food (like eggs, ham, bread, sausages, salt and horseraddish) to church and bless it with holy water. Good idea! But where? How? Why? Is there any church in our neighborhood, where they bless food? There's plenty of churches around (most of the protestant however), but Dutch people don't know this tradition! We need to find a Polish congregation. Luckily Agnes is also staying in the Windmill-country for Easter with her family and she had the same crazy idea. She's a bit more experienced and better informed, so she knew where and when. We're going on Saturday to Arnhem! There's only one problem left... a basket. 

Where the hell am I supposed to find a right wicker basket for święconka (food for blessing)?! There's a lot of baskets in the shops, but they seem all wrong. They are rather for planting flowers in a garden/balcony or for keeping all possible crap in an organised and decorative way in a house. Most of all... they don't have a holder! Have you ever seen a basket with święconka without a holder? Ever! I ran crazy through all possible shops in a center, that may have the needed stuff. Suddenly... oh hell yes! I found it! Perfect size, with a holder. So what it has a fabric tag with "Garden" on it and plastic foil inside... both can be easly removed. Or covered with a big napkin. And decorated with some twigs with "kittens" (how do you call this stuff on a pic above in english?). It's gonna be perfect! After all we don't have much choice. You gotta like what you have, if you don't have what you like. 

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