piątek, 7 grudnia 2012

The first snow this year

Well, we're covered. Covered with snow of course. It started to snow at night and stopped in the afternoon. According to the media, the biggest amouth of snow felt today here in Nijmegen. Everything is nicely covered with fluffy, white snow :) God, how I love the first snow!

I took my camera and went in the afternoon to the Kronenburgr park, where there were many people building the snowmen, children sliding down the hills on all kind of sled and I... was fighting with my camera. It was already getting dark, so I had to try really hard to take some good quality and sharp pics. I was busy, jumping around all banches and tras bins, using them as my "tripod" ;) I was laying on the snow, building little holders for the camera, which was all the time diving into the snow. Poor camera. Neverthless here are the effects of this whole action:

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