piątek, 14 grudnia 2012

A story of two christmas parties

At first I'd like to apologize for a long break with new posts, so I'll make a lame excuse and blame it on a demonic dentist, who few days ago meanly pulled my tooth. Sore jaw and never-ending supply of paracetamol (ha, what did you think... it's the only, universal medication in Holland) was not going in line with creative thinking.

Let's however leave my whining and focus on the main topic. Christmas season. People are going crazy than... cleaning, decorating houses, running all over the city hunting for the gifts and companies are organising christmas parties. We also had one! Actually not even one, but two ;) Day by day, one after another. It's because Maurice is working in the city hall, but via consulting agency.

The first one was organised by the real employer, so it was quite a fancy party. They hired a modern building of movie museum, a DJ, catering firm, invited about 500 guests in more or less fashionable (but still quite fancy) cloths and as a surprise they treated us with a show of probably the most known Moroccan in the Netherlands - Ali B. To be honest I know him mostly from TV commercials. In general you could have an impression of "look at me how cool, fashonable and freaking awesome I am" party. I'm not saying it was bad. I met few nice people I have a fun chat with. I am however disappointed with the food. From company like that, I'd expect something a bit more sophisticated than fast-food in mini portions. After all let's be just honest, free food is one of the main reasons for people to even go at this kind of parties. 

And that's the commercial I was talking about

The other party was like from a totally different world. They hired a bar, dress code was super laid-back and casual and the ambience like at some big family party. Everyone was laughing, joking, interrupting the speaker with his speach, even the food was like homemade (and really tasty). Everybody was excited about the place, since apparently it was very unique... in a basement. Well, I just felt like home, remembering the bars in Krakow, where most of them is in a basement ;) One thing was sure: nobody tried to impresse the others and they all acted like a one big family.

And now I'm wondering, what's actually more important at all those christmas office parties? Is it an excuse to put on your new, fancy dress and feel a bit of the high life OR is it an occasion to spend some fun, relaxed time with your colleages? How does it look like at your work place? 

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