poniedziałek, 31 grudnia 2012

The end of the year

Everyone is getting ready to say goodbye to the old year and greet to new one coming full of hopes. I feel a bit like at the war with all these "explosions" coming from all directions. Students, kids from the neighborhood, everyone is throwing fireworks. Why now? Isn't it better to wait a bit till it gets dark? For a better visual effect? 

Me and Maurice are leaving soon to Delft, to celebrate the coming of the New Year at a home party with our friends. I gotta say, after last year experience with club parting I was more than happy that this year we're gonna stay home in a small group of friends. Soon you're gonna probably read about this party anyway ;)

Right now I'd like to thank to all of my Readers, Fallowers and Visitors. Thank you all guys for being with us for this year! It means a lot to me. Just after New Years we'll be back with fresh new and (hopefully) interesting topics, which are already filling my head. Meantime we'd like to wish you with Maurice a Happy New Year, so the luck and happiness would be on your side, the hope would never leave you, the inspiration would keep you going and so the coming 2013 would surprise you with many pleasant surprises.


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