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The name issue

I'm getting to the conclusion that if one day I'll make a decision about applying for a double nationality, for the dutch passport I will change my name into something more dutch or at least an english version of my name. Why? Because "Justyna" seems to be impossible for the Dutch!

I always thought my name was not too complicated, weird, too original or whatsoever. Actually I thought it was quite easy and relatively international. And than I came to Holland. Surprisingly it appeart to be very confusing for the Dutch people and giving them sometimes a hard time. Most of the time they spell it with "i" instead of "y", which I still can understand. At my gym they thought out of the box and wrote it starting with "y"... Yustina. This is exactly why I always try to spell it very clear and controll what they are writing, or in more formal situations I just give them my passport, so they can copy a letter after a letter. 

However our developer showed a real creativity. When we got the keys to our henhouse, Maurice told how we want our names on a nameplate by the front door. He even wrote it down for them. Today, about 5 months after we moved, I happily discovered that the nameplates are finally here! (They clearly did not hurry). But wait a minute... a closer look and...

Justijna?! What the hell?! They really made my name very Dutch... No words. Is it really that complicated?

To all those who may wonder why would I want a double nationality: no, I'm not ashamed of my Polish nationality and also no, I don't feel the need to "westernize" myself. I also don't care about voting right (I'm not interested in politics and voting is for me as important as a potato peeler for a dog). The answer is very simple: a dutch passport and lack of visa requirements to many countries which unfortunately still expect visa from Polish citizen. 

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