piątek, 26 października 2012

Secrets of the Dutch speech: OMG!

I came to the conclusion that my ear is very selective. My brain did not recognise for the whole year some phrase (or rather an exclamation) till one day, when my friend used it in a conversation and later explained it to me. Since that moment I hear Sjonge jonge (pronounce with very soft "sh" and silent "g"... well, it's not the easiest one ;)) Even Maurice is using it quite often, so how the hell did I manage not to hear it?!

Maybe my brain did assume it's just some weird sound with no meaning or that it's in some other language. After all it doesn't really sound like dutch, don't you think? For me it could be same well chinese... Neverthless I did not notice this few letters as something that would make sense.

But what does it actually mean? I was told that it means something like english "Oh my God!". I would also add to this "Holly crap!", ""Oh, boy!", "My, my!" or sometimes "What on Earth!". Basicly it's a kind of expression you can use any time you hear or see something weird/surprising/funny/shocking/unbelievable (or unbelievably stupid) and you simply have no words to comment on that. Just sjonge jonge!

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