wtorek, 23 października 2012

Chestnuts picking

Autumn in its fullest. Full of colors and warm shades. My favorite season. The most beautiful version of the autumn you can find always in a forrest. That's why we went last Sunday on a pleasant walk with Maurice in Beek. Thank God there are so many pretty forrests and hills (quite rare in Holland!) around Nijmegen.

Chestnuts season is open. Actually I think it's already late season for these. Neverthless we could still find quite a lot of them in a forrest. Laying there on a ground and hiding in their chestnuty prickly armors. The eatable chestnuts (which I'm talking about) have way more and much thiner thorns than the chustnuts I know from Poland. It's actually very difficult to pick it with your bare hands. However the temptation is too big to resist, since they are so tasty. I've tried chestnuts for the first time in my life a year ago on a very similar stroll in the Kastanjedal (Chestnuts Valley). They taste a bit like nuts, but more delicate. And the are deliciously crunchy.

Apparently they originaly come from the Mediterranean area and we owe them to Romans, who set here in Nijmegen their camps. The surrounding hills were perfect strategic points for Romans. The soldiers liked the chestnuts so much, they brought here the trees. And now, thanks to the legionnaires Justine can enjoy the chestnuts picking. It seems that the smell of the nuts on my hands was very appealing to the group of cows we met, since they all wanted to befriend me ;) 

PS. Sorry for the quality of the pics, but I had only my cell phone with me.  

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