poniedziałek, 8 października 2012

Between the flowers

The Very Important Guests came, saw a piece of Holland, tried some Dutch specialities and on Sunday morning went back home satisfied (at least I hope they enjoyed it). Though they're partly responsible for my absence on the blog, we are very happy they have finally visited our hen-house. I hope our dear readers are gonna forgive us this break, afterall the first visit of my parents since I moved to the Netherlands is quite a big deal ;)

We walked a lot during these last few days... we checked the whole city center, few other neighborhoods, an outdoor museum of the old dutch houses (soon you'll gonna read also about that) and on Saturday we went to Floriade!

What is it actually? It's a huge flowerly-artistic-innovative project. The world gardening exhibition organized once in 10 years (the previous one was in Amsterdam) and covering a surfice of 66 hectares! A real treat for such a gardening fans as my parents :) But not only flower lovers could find something themselves. Except beautiful plants, interesting house and garden arrangements and exotic species, you could also see modern, innovative and green solutions for homes and gardens, surprising art installations and performences, futuristic buildings... You could really get inspired by the presentations prepared by 30 different countries from all over the world. Of course not all of them according to me or Maurice were worth visiting. Some countries apparently did not understand well the idea of this show and ended up with... more or less cheap shops. However we really enjoyed what China, Indonesia and Spain had to offer. 

There was a lot to see, but unfortunately that weekend was the last days of the exhibition. It was open for visitors since April till the beginning of October. I'm sorry I did mention that place before. To cheer you up, if you didn't manage to visit Floriade this year, than maybe you'll have another chance in 10 years?... 

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