wtorek, 4 czerwca 2013

For coffee and pie to supermarket

I'm working on my laptop since morning chilling at the same time on a balcony. The sun is pleasently shinning, the cat is happily on a chair next to me. Love the mornings like this. What else would I need to feel even happier? Hmm... well, I wouldn't say no to a coffee and delicious piece of cake. Cake is gone, so I have three options:

  • go to the closest cafe, where I'd probably spent way too much time
  • run to the bakery behind the corner and make coffee myself
  • do the gloceries in a supermarket (especially that it would have to happen today anyway)

You're probably thinking now, that the option number 3 isn't attractive at all? After all I would have to make the coffee from myself anyway and the cakes in supermarket are never as good as the once from bakery or home-made... Well, it's not entirely true. And it's because we have in our neighborhood Jan Linders - a supermarket chain from Limburg.

limburgse vlaai, jan linders, supermarket
A cake and coffee to proof in supermarket? Why not ;)
You probably already know about my fascination with Dutch supermarkets. Thanks to them cooking can be so easy, fast and still tasty. But this company from the south made my expectations even higher. No one is surprised anymore with cookies, cheese or piece of ham for degustation in supermarkets. Even freshly fried food is not a sensation anymore. We can find it everywhere. And how about taking a short break while shopping to try some traditional southern pie vlaai (for example with fresh strawberries like they serve it now) and have some coffee or tea? And even better... for free :) And I really don't mean these tinni tiny pieces like for dwarfs but normal sized cake like the one you'd get visiting your aunt.

Suddenly shopping became so much nicer. Only my diet is getting problematic, since I'm doing groceries everyday ;)

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  1. I was totally eager to read on about the beauty of Hees until the old man showed up! What the... he is totally paranoid! Is he Dutchman? That must have freaked you out ! I would be... but then on 2nd thought, I had to laugh! hahaha
    I think I'm gonna visit Hees and go straight to the same spot the old man lives and go snap snap snap until he show up. Can you imagine everytime someone take pictures and he takes them for being a burglar, what would he end up be? NERVOUS WRECKED! hahaha!

    Keep posting girl.. your post is fun to read! :)


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