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A walk through Hees or other words "how I was taken for the world's worst burglar"

From time to time we like to go with Maurice for an evening walk. Our favorite goal is a nearby neighborhood Hees. Why do we like it so much? Keep on reading.


Hees, nijmegen

nijmegen, church

Nijmegen as the oldest city in the Netherlands was built on a hill and for ages surrounded with city walls. It's because of that the center is so packed with narrow streets and houses. At the same time Hees was an old village located just outside the city walls. This lovely settlement is full of monasteries, churches and beautiful old houses, enormous villas and cute farm houses. Many of them are municipal monuments. When the city started growing outside the walls Hees quickly became a part of it. Now it's an adorable neighborhood.

nijmegen, kerkpad

monastry in hees, nijmegen


This "bench" is a symbol commemorating the opening of a tram line connecting Hees with the center of Nijmegen
It's so close to the center of the city, but you can't feel it at all. It seems like the life goes here very calm and relaxed. Full of green, surrounded with lovely old buildings. Some of these even have its own name.Hees was clearly a very religious village. There are two churches - catolic and protestant and few monasteries. We love to wander here and imagine how would it be to live in such a cute tiny old house or big mansion.

hees, nijmegen
Believe it or not, but this purple hovel apparently is a monument..


nijmegen, church

Unfortunatelly our great mood and pleasant stroll was disturbed by some older man. When I was taking the last picture of a beautiful big mansion, the man run outside of his house (which was by the way on the other side of the street than the mansion) and started angrily staring at us.
- It's fine, we're not doing any harm here, right - Maurice informed him calmly.
- I damn sure don't trust you! - he shouted.
We just shrugged and kept walking our way holding our hands. The man however didn't stop. He started walking behind us and yelling:
- The police is informed! And I'll recognise your faces!!
Informed? About what?... A couple that is strolling in a nice neighborhood and taking pictures of the monuments? I didn't know it was forbidden...
- That's great you have nothing better to do! - answered annoyed Maurice and we left away, shaking our heads.
Honestly? Us, robbers? Even if we'd be ones, that would be the worst example of it. Taking pictures of the houses and standing very officially on the middle of the street? And at the time when everyone is at home, eating dinner. Not even mentioning that it was still very light and you could see eveything. That indeed would make the worst burglar ever. Same well I could just give this man my card and a photo joking "Here, very good you'll remember my face. Maybe one time you can recognise it when I'm already famous". However I'm afraid the man would not get the sarcasm or be still alive by the time I'm famous. With this attitude his ulcers would finish him before.

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