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The TV star

I don't watch often TV. If I already do, than I choose some movie, fun series or a yummie cooking show. When Maus is away, TV stays usually turned off. Before I didn't watch it, cause I simply didn't understand the language and now... well, to be honest I don't usually feel like forcing my lazy brain to focus so much to understand it. Actually sometimes it's even better not to understand it!

The entertainment in the dutch TV is not that impressive. Sometimes I could actually say it's depresing. There are some cool and interesting shows I like to follow, like: TopChef (ohh, those cooking skills), 3 op reis (a very laid-back travel show, where each of the presenters is in a different place somewhere in the world) and... well, I guess that would be it. 

I was never a big fan of talent shows like Idol etc. There's too much of commertion, too many breaks and too much of useless talking, while not enough of presenting those real talents. I guess one of the most popular entertainment shows in the Netherlands is right now The Voice of Holland. I'm being regularly forced by Maurice to watch it. Ok, I don't mind waching few blind auditions, but later I'm getting bored and my phone seems to be waaaay more interesting then the TV screen. I'm only being distructed from time to time by Maurice "singing" along with the candidates. Boy I tell you, it hurts! ;) Apparently Boer zoek vrouw (A farmer is looking for a wife) is also a highly popular show. I tried to watch it once, but I've quickly lost an interest. Too much talking for my level of knowing Dutch, so it was hard to follow. Also I got kind a depresing vibe with all those lonely people, widow, widower, all seeking for love. Maybe I'll try again one day, we'll see.

What I really wanted to talk about today is an astonishing number of idiotic, trashy and causing me a headache reality series. The real star here would be Samantha de Jong, better known as Barbie. She and her husband gained their popularity in a dutch show, similar to the Jersey Shore. Till now there were already two shows aired with them in a main role, Barbies bruiloft (Barbie's Wedding) and Barbies baby. I'm really surprised with the popularity of these shows, since they are stuuupid... as hell. The life philosophy of this shallow woman is literally "plastic is fantastic". You really don't want her to open her month and say anything. It hurts even more than Maurice's "singing".

Barbie is like a cherry on a top of this tacky cake. All these reality series like Bachelor or where the youth is getting shitfaced, partying and flirting (and more) in bars of mediterranean, touristy cities. The last hit killed me with its name: Zon zuipen ziekenhuis (literally: Sun booze hospital). 

There is however one thing I really like about Dutch television. All the movies and shows are in their original languages (except of these for children) and with subtitles. It means no random reader nor idiotic dubbing. 

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