czwartek, 8 listopada 2012

Smokin' busy morning

I'm laying in my bed enjoying a pleasant snooze. "Just two more minutes and I'll get up to make sandwiches for my little monster" It's so dark and quiet outside. Suddenly I hear a massive boom and that would be the end of my delightful snooze. I actually jumped on my bed thinking: "Germans are attacking again or what?!"
- Did you hear that? - I run to the bathroom to inform Maurice.
- Hear what? - he asks from under the shower.
- You gotta be kidding me you didn't hear that explosion! - I can't believe. Though he might not hear it well standing in a shower with a ventilation sysem on... the world would collapse and you'd not notice anything in that bathroom.
- Probably they are demolishing Super de Boer (the supermarket close to our flat, which has been closed for last half a year and is indeed supposed to be demelished).
- At seven AM?! They have got to be kidding me...
I run to the living room to check the supermarket through the window. It's still standing there and nothing's happening around it. No, it wasn't that. A loud noise is still coming definitely from the north. I run back to our bedroom. I repeal the blind and I see this...

The pic was taken one hour later, when it started to dawn
- Honeeeyyyyy - I check the bathroom again - It's not the supermarket... it's the POWER STATION.
- What?? Turn on TV!! Noooow!

So that was it. An explosion in a power station this morning woke me up in a cruel, unexpected way. Soon after that I learned from a radio and Internet (yes, yes... I did understand it in Dutch! I'm also proud of myself) that it was an explosion in a steam boiler and the smoke coming out of the building was luckly mostly  the hot steam. Also none of the seven employees who were present in the power station was hurt. It was suggested to close all the windows and door and a lock on a channel not far from the power station was temporary closed.

Ah, what a lovely morning. I was jumping from my laptop to the window and back, intrigued by what just happened and trying to get some informations. Because of that I forgot to eat my breakfast and left to school waaaay to late. In a rush I took the wrong bicycle (it had a bit flat front tire). I didn't have problems to get to school, but on a way back it totally failed. Somewhere in a half way from the university to the train station there was no air left in a tire, so I had to walk. Carring my bike with the last ounce of strength. After all I couldn't just leave it like that! And again, because of that I missed my train and got late to work.

As Maurice perfectly described it: "Curiosity killed the cat". And though I'm not dead, this day was very tiring/annoying/disappointing. And all of that because of some stupid curiosity. Explosion in a power station in the neighborhood... big deal! :P 

On a way back home I was watching that building from the train. Not only me neverthless. The steam was not coming out any more, but the hole left after the explosion is quite impressive. Even I (blind without my glasses) could see it well from a bigger distance.


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