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Dutchman's Anatomy: to spend or not to spend

-You've gotta see this -I'm bother sleepy Maurice - Look, you'll like it!
-Go away, I have to sleep. Leave that phone.
- My teachers showed us this website talkig about weirdness of Dutch. Look,it's all true...

Sleepy and sceptical Maurice read 3 examples of "You know you're Dutch when..." and checked the whole rest laughing all the time. I was right... all the examples are quite funny and still soooo true.

-Why wont't you write about that? - he asked caring about my blog (yes, he's one of the biggest fans of my blog and keeps asking everyday how is it doing).
- I already did mention about some of that stuff...
- Yeah, but you should write it more directly and detailed!

So now, Ladies and Gentelmen, following my home Dutchman's directions from now on, once a time we're gonna point the quirks and characteristics of his compatriots. And we're gonna start today with their spending money issue. 

It reminds me a story from the times before I moved to the Netherlands. During one of Maurice's visits in Krakow, we wanted to have a little party with my friends from work. We've sent him to the shop to buy some alcohol. We asked for 3 bottles of white wine. He bought the cheapest ones (well, one of the cheapest ;)) and of course informed us about it.
- You don't want to spend money on your girlfriend? - started teasing him one of the friends
-No, I do - he tried to defence himself - just as little as possible...

He killed us with this confession, but what can I say... it was just a prelude to the dutch saving. Indeed they don't like spending money if it's not necessary and an extravagance is the main sin. There's a reason why "gratis" and "sale" are the favorite words in this country. The saving attitude gives an expats a great excuse to make a lot of funny stories, jokes and anecdotes about one teeny tiny cookie with the coffee, reused gift wrapping paper, taking your own food and drinks to the cinema and outdoor parties, collecting the mini bottles of shampoo from hotels and sachets with sugar from restaurants, expecting you to share the cost of the dinner you we invited to... But my "favorite" lately is "put on a second sweater instead of turning up the heater". I do understand that high temperature at home costs more and let them be -it unhealthy, but I personally don't find 18 degrees as pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. And sitting home, wearing two thick sweaters is definitely not gezellig for me!

Now don't confuse "saving" and "miserliness". No,no , no... Dutch people are not stingy! They just don't like to overpay (or just simply pay) ;)

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  1. Your every blog post have to hit right at me. And again, I cannot agree enough. I receive nothing for our anniversary! Only after much nagging.. I receive a homemade cheesecake! I think the best way to this is be as DUTCH as they are! :)

    1. I hope at least it was delicious! Yeah, these Dutch men... they are killing us sometimes, but it's hard to live without them ;)


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