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May holiday season

So here it is. May has come. And with the new month few changes have come as well. Starting with the new king, warmer sunny days and a sound of four fluffy paws in our house. After our personal pet drama not that long time ago and painful goodbye with our beloved Hankie, we didn't give up. We waited two months of cat-mourning, we made a deal with the animal shelter that we're not gonna have to pay for a next cat and so, since yesterday there's a funny furry creature living with us again. This time it's a younger female cat. Soon you're gonna read more about Sloebertje.

Back to May holiday topic. Did you have a nice weekend? In the Netherlands 4th and 5th May are the national holidays: Memorial Day for victims of II WO and Liberation Day. The second one is a day off once in 4 years, but this year it's Sunday... yey, lucky us...

I'd bet that May is probably the favorite month among Dutch people. Why? Because every second week there's some holiday:
  • 30th April - Koninginnedag. Ok, it's still April, but already the last day so we're almost in May ;)
  • 9th May - Hemelvaart, which happens to be on Thursday this year. For most Dutchies it means four days of weeknd.
  • 19th i 20th May - Pinksteren, also making the weekend longer
That not all! May is an official beginning of festival season! There's lots of parties, concerts and the terraces on squares are getting full and vivid. With these warmer days everyone is getting in mood for going out and there's quite some ocasions for it. Next to most of the holidyas there are some music festivals like Oranjepop, Pinkpop, Music Meeting etc

Kids have more fun since the first week of May is off. It's called meivakantie. Spring break?... Why not!

This week we're also planning to go with Maurice for a one-day trip and discover another Dutch city. Soon you'll see which one ;)

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  1. oh! What happen to the kitty?? Did I miss any of your blog post about the kitty? O.O

    1. You didn't miss anything, I just didn't write that one in enlish, since the story was very sad for me. We had to put Hank in sleep, cause his heart was very sick and the vet told us we can't save him anymore :( He didn't want to eat anymore and was getting extremaly weak. Poor creature, hope he's now in cat's heavan.

  2. And btw... this May weather isn't very warming. I dislike dislike dislike the weather here! :(


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