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What happened to Big Bird?

- I feel a bit like I'm the Big Bird from Sesame Street - I joked wearing my yellow-mustard color coat on a winterish evening.
- Why? - Maurice looked at me totally confused.
I sware... Are we having again one of these moments, when I feel like we grew up on two completly different planets?...
- What do you mean why?... Haven't you somehow notice the superbright color of my coat? - now I was confused.
- Yeah I see it. It's yellow.
- And what's the color of the Big Bird?
- Blue!
I had now idea if he's joking again trying to fool me or was it a proof the we actually did grew up on different planets. It appeared that the Netherlands is indeed a separate planet. 

Source: sesamstraatblog.files.wordpress.com

It turned out, that he was not joking. When the show came to the Netherlands for the first time, the producers decided to make some changes and also add few characters. And that's how Big Bird became blue. He even got a new name. Dutch children know him as Pino!

In some point the original "Sesame Street"reached Dutch market. And then the whole confusement started. How come the bird's feathers are different color? How the same character can look so different at the same time? Something's clearly wrong. Luckily the producers came with a simple and great solution. They explained that Pino is a Dutch cousin of Big Bird. The yellow fellow also got a new nickname: Neef Jan (Cousin John... from England obviously).

Source: sesamstraatblog.files.wordpress.com

That'\s just another proof that the Dutch like to do and call things their own way ;)

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