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The royal news

On Manday evening happened something big. Almost all TV and radio stations were broadcasting a speech of Queen Beatrix. And what was so important the Queen had to tell us? Well, three days before her 75th birthday she announced her abdication in favor of her oldest son Willem-Alexander. The ceremony is gonna have place on the 30th April, which is one of the favorite Dutch holidays, the Koninginnedag. Wait a minute... does this mean that from now on we're not gonna celebrate the Queen's Day anymore but... King's Day? Luckily the date is not gonna change much. The future King has his birthday only three days before his grandma, so on 27th April ;)  

Queen Beatrix (source)
I must admit I was very excited and touched hearing the speech. Even more than Maurice. Such a historic moment and he's more interested in his plate... He even started laughing at me when me eyes got wet watching short flashbacks from the reign of the Queen Beatrix. What can I say, I'm quite emotional and easly pulled into these women's frills. Which woman was never interested in royal lives at least a bit and dreamed about being a princess when she was a child? ;) Even more, growing up in Poland I envied sometimes the English having the Royal Family with Princess Diana and young, charming Prince William. So now I have! Prince Willem-Alexander and his cute Maxima.

Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima with their daughters cheering for Dutch swimming team at the Olympics in London (source)
The change of monarch is always a big event. This time it's extra special. There was no King of the Netherlands for 123 years, only Queens. In the previous three generations only girls were born if the Royal Family. Now the things have changed when Queen Beatrix gave birth to her sons. Than more, our future Queen is gonna be... Latina (though with her blond hair she looks more like Dutch)!  When Willem-Alexander was marring Maxima, whose father was the Minister of Agriculture during military junta in Argentina, many people were unhappy. Nevethless the new princess was quickly accepted by the Dutch and she became of of their favorite members of the Royal Family. 

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