środa, 23 stycznia 2013

Something to read

Lately it was again quite laud about Polish immigrants in the dutch media. Newspapers were writting about it, different websites on internet, they were talking about it in a radio. Luckily it was nothing negative (as it often happens). Even more, it was very possitive. Polish immigration in the Netherlands finally has its own magazine!

I'm writting about it only now, almost two weeks later, because for the first week I was trying to buy the newspaper personally. Unfortunately it was harder than I expected. There are only few distribution points in my area and they all are quite far away. And of course I don't have a car. I'm guessing I wouldn't have this problem at all if I'd live somewhere in Randstad, but I don't. Instead I live in this "far away land" called the eastern part of the Netherlands. Luckily there's an option for people like me, to order online your own copy of "poPolsku" (the titel means "in polish"). I paid with my phone and the package was delivered few days later by the post. Though I paid for the delivery more than for the magazine itself, it's still nothing, since the price of "poPolsku" is... attention attention, the whole 1 euro! ;)

Holding the first issue of biweekly newspaper in my hands I was planning to go through it quickly, to check what's inside and than come back to the articles I'm gonna find interesting. My plan of course didn't work out. I read it all immidiately. So what can I say about it... Why the hell didn't you start with publishing it a year ago, when I just moved to this country?! It would be sooo handy and helpful back than. Of course it still is now and I really enjoyed reading advices about moving here, starting career (it's still waiting for me, so the article was just in time), dutch healthcare system or learning the dutch language (mini lesson in every issue!). While I was reading I was comparing the tips they gave, to my own experience. Seems like some of the things went faster and smoother for me. Furthermore I found some cool interesting things in the magazine, like tips on places worth to visit (both on my list), sport, history of Holland, cuisine and typical standards like movie, book, music, wives gossip and hints.

In general I'm very possitive about it. The founders of "poPolsku" called it "a biweekly magazine for modern Poles in the Netherlands". As I see myself as quite modern Polish woman, I'd say they did a good job and satisfied the expectations of the target group. I only couldn't fully agree with a column called "the Poles and the Dutch... what are the differences and similarities between us?". For me the informations were a bit too sketchy and based on stereotypes, but it's only my own, personal opinion.

Now for all of you who might be interested in this magazine, but doesn't live in Holland or doesn't speak polish, I have a good news. Most of the articles (and even more) you can easily find on the website popolsku.nl both in polish and dutch language version. So Ladies and Gentelmen - I recommend! Let's read.

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