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10 reasons to visit Nijmegen

Although the new year has just started, many people are already now preparing for their holidays and planning summer trips.  That gave me an idea to at least try to convince some of you to visit this adorable city of Nijmegen. I'm gonna keep stressing, that visiting Amsterdam does not equal visiting Holland. Being only in the capital does not mean that you've seen the country. With all the tourists and expats living there, I dare to say it's the least Dutch city. It's just simply Amsterdam, a different category. So if the Netherlands is already on your list, why not to check  Nijmegen as well? It's perfect especially for short weekend breaks. Why? Keep reading:

10 reasons to visit Nijmegen:
  1. It's the oldest city of the Netherlands. It was founded by the Romans and you can find quite a collection of their antiquities in the Museum Het Valkhof. History lovers might like the fact, that the mother of Karl Marx (the father of communism) was born here. Even better- her sister was the mother of Philips brothers, the founders of one of the biggest capitalist enterprises. Although the archtecture of the city was severely damaged during the II World War, there's still a lot of charming little streets, authentic houses and beautiful parks. 
  2. Speaking of history, there's a lot to see if you're into the history of the II World War. There's the Liberation Route spread all over the region of Nijmegen-Arnhem. It's a collection of many different points and places telling about the events of 1944-45 like the Operation Market Garden and the Rhineland Offensive. There are plans to enlarge the route and include other countries to show the long way the allied armies made, from Normany to Berlin to liberate Europe. Don't miss the National Liberation Museum in Groesbeek and the Canadian War Cementery. 
  3. Not interested in the II WW? Maybe you'd be more tempted to visit one of many unique museums? Nijmegen has a lot to offer: Velorama (the bicycle museum), De Stratemakerstoren Museum (a sixteenth century defensive tower), Africa Museum, Orientalis Museum-park, muZIEum (where you can experience how it is to be blind) and the already mentioned above Museum Het Valkhof. Check out also the St.Stevenskerk, the church where you can often see different exhibitions and once a time listen to an extraordinary concert.  

  4. Are you an active person, who prefers physical activities? Than rent a bike and go cycling on the dikes! Along the wide river Waal there are long dikes, which are the perfect bicycle routes. Could you deny yourself such a treat: a superdutch activity like cycling on one of the most characteristic parts of the dutch landscape... Could you? ;) 
  5. Too boring and not challanging enough for you? In this case check the south-west surroundings of the city, where you're gonna find something very uncommon for the dutch landscape - hills. Some of them are quite high and steep, so you can definitely expect some great views. If you're already there why not to stop at Duivelsberg, walk around the forrest, go chestnut picking (in autumn) and maybe have some delicious pancake in cute restaurant located on this hill? Some extra energy might be needed for the way back. 
  6. Prefer walking than cycling? Than the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse is a must-do for you. It's a huge marching event that takes place every year in the middle of July. Four days of march, 40 000 participants from all over the world and up to 200 km of the routes. 
  7. Instead of marching you want to party? No problem! At the same time as Vierdaagse there's Zomerfeesten. A massive party all over the city with many stages playing live music already from 12:00 PM. And it's not only four days, it's the whole week! Want more? In the sumer period there's plenty of concerts, parties and festivals. Almost every weekend something's happening. The biggest event (of course after Zomerfeesten) is the open air concert with worldwide known stars (like Muse, Red Hot Chilli Pepers, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones) in the Goffert park, the biggest park in the city.

  8. Kronenburgerpark, the most beautiful park in Nijmegen (at least according to me)
  9. Maybe you would rather feel like shopping? On the Queen Day (30th of April) the same park is turning into one big flea market. Not impressed? The park covers the area of 83 hectares and you can buy some unique stuff for almost nothing. There's also a flea market every Monday around St. Stevenskerk in the center. Still not enough? The whole main street of the center of Nijmegen is turning into one big street market on every Monday and Saturday. Believe me, there's nothing better than a freshly baked stroopwaffel. You can get it at one of the stalls. 
  10. Tired after a long day? Luckily Nijmegen has many interesting bars and cafes to offer, where you can chill and relax (Camelot, In de Blauwe Hand), try some specials from a long beer menu (Samson, Opera) or eat something tasty for affordable price (Funkenstein). All of these places are bruin cafes, which are traditional Dutch pubs, with wooden furniture and where pets are welcome. 

  11. And the last but not least argument: in Nijmegen lives your favorite blogger, who would happily show you around the city and maybe even invite you for a dinner ;)

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  1. hahaha! After seeing the pictures you posted all this time, I have been talking to Jos about Nijmegen and it is definately on my list to visit! Now with your invitation... it becomes more alluring! :)


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