wtorek, 11 października 2011

The art of saying goodbye

So it happened. Day zero came. I moved out. 

My last weekend in Poland was incredibly nice and full of family warmth. My two aunts and oncle came to visit, completly accidentally, because they didn't know anything about my moving. I'm very happy with this visit, cause they all had a chance to meet Maurice, so I hope they won't keep worring about me too much. More important, thanks to them my parents had more company and didn't stay alone when I was gone. i don't want them to be sad. After all, I'm not leaving them forever. 

I'm not good with goodbyes. Maurice still keeps reminding me about our first goodbye, when we were both standing at the airport in Krakow. He was all in tears and I was trying as much as I could not to... laugh. i hate crying and I hate when other people are crying. I feel then helpless and i never know what to say. The only thing I can do than, is to hug very tight. That is exactly why I didn't want also this time to keep the goodbye last long. Sometimes it's better to break the patch fast, than play with it long and carefully. When we were saying goodbye and I saw their eyes getting wet, I just smiled and quickly went away before we'd all start crying for good. I took Maurice's hand, looked him in the eyes and... I thought I'm gonna burst out laughing. What is wrong with me? All my family, even my boyfriend, who was by the way going with me... they were all crying. I think he actualy might be even more emotional than I am.  

In the plane already I was joking to myself: this is exactly how the brides must feel like when they're getting married. First they are stressed, wondering if they will manage well with everything new coming, if they are not gonna forget about some important formal document. Next the whole family is coming, there's a lot of food, drinking, every one is getting emotional, they start crying and a poor girl has to start the whole new life by her husband's side. That's more less how it looks like. Now me, as a fake Bride i need to figure out this cute little city and find my way here. I'm gonna start tomorrow. Today it's cold and it's raining. 

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