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Two northern cities. Part one: The connection

As you may already know on Tuesday, October 28th Wizzair inaugurated a new route from Groningen to Gdańsk. I had the pleasure of taking the first flight connecting these two beautiful northern cities. 

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The management of the Groningen Airport Eelde held of course a press conference. Local and polish media in the Netherlands were invited to this event. And guess what… so was I! I was extremely excited to take part in this meeting. For the first time I had a chance to meet the representatives of polish newspapers like Goniec Polski, Niedziel.nl and poPolsku. Which blogger doesn’t dream about a moment like that? Ok, a regular blogger, not a celebrity-blogger. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to talk. As the plane arrived earlier than planned, just after the presentation I had to go to the security gates. I was about to take the flight! The director of the airport and the marketing manager wished me a pleasant flight and rushed to the ramp to greet the first arriving passengers. 

groningen airport eelde, netherlands
Port lotniczy w Groningen (Eelde)
Polish cakes for the guests
The airport in Groningen Eelde is quite small, so everything went fast and smooth. By the way… it might be a small airport, but not an ordinary one. Did you know that the KLM’s pilots train here? At this very airport.

Although it was the first flight on this route, there was a lot of passengers waiting for boarding. Both, Polish and Dutch were checking out the landing airbus. I’m not surprised that the flight was so popular. It is a really great deal. How often can you find a flight to a beautiful city for only €20? Not only on that one day. It’s a very attractive and promising route. And Gdańsk is definitely worth visiting. 

samolot linii wizzair

first flight from north Netherlands to Poland

Let’s focus on the flight. Just after getting on board we were greeted by the aircrew (as always) and offered an sweet treat. I took my seat and happily noticed that the boarding is going quite smooth without any chaos. If you’ve ever travelled with the low-cost airlines, you know that the passengers are not always well organized and cause a sort of traffic in the aircraft. Not this time! We could finally take off and start our journey to Gdańsk. I looked through the window. Wait a minute… is that the coast?? I’m so used to the view of endless fields and forests that seeing the seashore was very refreshing. However not even half as great as the lights of Gdańsk seen from above. Truly hypnotizing. We were getting ready for landing and the plane took a big turn. I felt like I’m hanging in the air staring at this marvellous web of lights. A beautiful promise of what I was  about to experience in the coming few days. 

To be continue. 

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