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Our second COOKIE quiz

It´s been awfully quiet here lately. Yes, yes… I know. It´s my fault since I haven´t been translating much into English for a year or so. I promise to finally fix it soon.  Mean time I think you deserve a little treat. That´s why we´re starting a new cookie quiz again!

The rules are the same as the previous time: 
  • You can leave the answers in the comments (they are going to be hidden for the coming month and posted only after the quiz is finished) or send to my email: Justine.in.neverland@gmail.com. Please do not leave your answers on our Facebook fan page.
  • The quiz ends on October 2nd. Till that day you have time to prove your love to Dutch sweets.
  • When the time is up my adorable assistant Mauricia will choose 3 random winners.
  • The lucky ones will receive from me small packages filled with Dutch sweets.

Good luck everyone and I hope you will enjoy this yummy game!

 The second edition of our 

1. What is the name of a dessert made of choux pastry filled with whipped cream and covered with chocolate? (The picture belowe)

2. These big ball pastries mentioned above can make you feel really guilty because of its size (and all the calories of course). Luckily there's also a mini version of them, same delicious. What's the name of these small balls filled with whipped cream?

3. One of the more popular cakes in the Netherlands is a variety of a napoleon or mille feuille with pink icing. How is it called in Dutch?

4. Dropjes are THE candies of the Netherlands. There are hundreds of types of them. One of more popular are apekoppen. What is the taste of these monkey heads?

5. When Sinterklaas is coming to the Netherlands, he treats the children not only with pepernootjes, but also with sweet latters. What are these letters made of?

6. Vlaai is next to an apple pie the most common and popular pie. From which province is it originally coming from?

7. One of my favorite pastries in this country is a sweet, a bit sticky bread with a hint of cinnamon. Maurice allowed me to try it for the first time on my birthday (first time celebrated in the Netherlands). How do you call this pastry?

8. Dutch people love a custard-like dessert sold in carton boxes. How is it called in Dutch?

9. Bokkenpootjes means "goat's legs" and it's a cookie made of two crunchy pieces. They are glued with a cream and their both ends are chocolate covered. What are these two pieces made of?

10. What's the name of the cake on the picture below?

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