sobota, 3 września 2011


We already decided when I'm gonna move... 10th October. Just after my parents come back from their holiday. Maurice is gonna come here for a weekend and on Monday morning we're gonna fly away, holding hands to our Neverland. Everytime I did take a flight, I was dreaming about this moment. The moment when he's gonna be sitting next to me in the plane and we won't have to part anymore. 

Now, using the spare lazy time of end of the summer, I started searching in Internet. Blogs, forums, websites focusing on polish immigrants in Holland, job advertisements and appartments rentals. Questions, advices, rules... And after all day of reading I feel like I found... nothing. Nothing particularly new, that my beloved wouldn't already tell me. Nothing specially fascinating or addictive. Nothing interesting enough to apply (well... I still have some time, in worst case I'll be just looking for a job when I'm already there).

One huge Internet abyss, where I'm sending another words. 

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