wtorek, 26 lipca 2011


Finally! I got my master degree. I finished these neverending studies. I also have only four nightshifts in the hostel left. Now I can really focus on preparation for holiday and moving to Holland in autumn. 

Maurice is going crazy. He's sending me links to cute, lovely destinations in Croatia and Slovenia. "Just to check, nothing in particular" he says, cause hotels booking is my job. He's responsible for the car. He's also checking all Dutch language courses for foreigners in Nijmegen and possibilities of getting financial support for this purpose from the City Hall. He's trying to figure out what are job possibilities for me. Lately he even suggested me to start another studies here (while I was still struggling with my university). Yesterday, to kill the boredom at work he started checking Ikea website, to find a perfect closet for all my cloths!

It's all great. I'm really happy he's trying so hard and that he cares so much to help me with my start in a new country. I know he's not gonna leave it all on my head and for that I'm eternally thankful. But. Take it easy! I barely just finished studing and closed one chapter in my life. Before I'm gonna start another I would like to have a week or two for my dolce far niente and not already getting stressed of what's coming soon. Starting another studies right now is the last thing I wanna thing about. 

Luckly there's still sometime left till Septmber.

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